This is Enlighton

Enlighton is a software solution with four modules that work together to offer exceptional customer experiences and powerful control for hospitality venues. We offer a complete end-to-end solution featuring the payment, ordering, entertainment and loyalty services.

Enlighton's components

The Core

This is our back-office that allows product customisation and content creation for our apps.

Self service tools

The apps that allow guests to interact with products and pay.

Employee apps

The tools used by employees that keep them in sync with guests and with each other.

3rd party API

Close the circle by integrating existing apps into our ecosystem to reduce tech layers.

1. The Core

The cloud-based back office allows the complete customization for all of your product information. We call it the Core and packed it full of features designed to grow your business with ease all from a single dashboard interface. This is where you import your products and customise the appearance, create bundles, combos, loyalty offers, trigger advertising campaigns and more. 

POS Integration

Loyalty Engine

Advertising Campaign Builder

Analytics and Reporting


Flash Deals

Up-sell engine

Employee Management

2. Self Service Tools

Innovative and reliable multi-touch technologies powered by the Enlighton Core, our self service tools evolve traditional service models into guest centric experiences that revolve around your customer, react to their needs and reinvent operations from every angle. We built a collection of apps that allow guests to interact with your products in immersive ways. Although we provide top of the range hardware, we take pride in building hardware agnostic apps that can be implemented in existing environments with ease.

Our self service tools are:

  • Digital Table for hospitality
  • Self Service Kiosk for hospitality
  • Digital Menu Tablet Apps for hospitality

Hardware Agnostic

Payment Integration

Custom Development

Customer Behaviour Tracking

3. Employee Apps

Equip your staff with the tools that make it effortless to exceed guest expectations and increase productivity. Our employee apps are tightly integrated with the Core and Self Service Tools and are included in the Enlighton license. Although your POS vendor may provide handheld ordering devices with similar functionality, our apps are designed specially for our self-service solutions and track everything to deliver better analytics.

Our employee apps are:

  • server apps for hospitality
  • workstation apps for hospitality

Hardware Agnostic

Payment Integration

Employee Behaviour Tracking

4. 3rd party API

Our API allows for your existing wallet and apps to be part of our ecosystem. No reason to lose your data base of customers. Include your existing apps into our ecosystem and offers guest the ability to order at the table or order ahead.

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