Enlighton Web Portal. Beyond digital signage

Real-time control of everything that happens on every table.
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Powerful digital signage, that you can eat on.

– Real-time control of everything that happens on every table
– Create and deploy content effortlessly
– Ability to show any menu item anytime
– Administer accessible and redeemable coupons and promotions
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Web portal dashboard 

Advanced features of self ordering software

– Smart menu scheduling to distribute content at specific times each day
– Create triggers for advertising campaigns and limited time offers to display content based on user behavior such as browsing the cocktail menu


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Enlighton Web portal comes standard with ordering, entertainment and custom modules that are simple to populate and customize to match the look and feel of your brand.

5 fast facts about Enlighton’s digital table ordering application

It’s simple, flexible and beautiful

It runs on a range of multi-touch hardware. The user interface simply adapts to any size, and supports up to 4K resolution with infinite touch points. Your guests will be able to browse your products with mouth-watering pictures and simply place orders from any angle the moment they walk through the door.

It increases staff productivity

Even your best sta get overwhelmed during your peak hours. With the minimum wage and cost of benefits on the rise, our alternative to hiring more employees is a solution that enables your sta to manage 50% more tables, while delivering a far superior guest experience. This means that you’ll save a lot of the server’s time, which can then be reinvested into your guests.

It makes your guests happier

Every business knows the key to success is giving customers more of what they want - like being able to personalize an order just how they like it. Products can be auto-suggested according to their pairing compatibility to drive upsells. And lastly, organizing and paying the bill is fast and seamless.

It never misses an opportunity

Are your servers always suggesting dessert? Do they always stop by the table at the perfect time to oer a second round of drinks? What about that coee after the meal? The best servers do most of the time, but there are some that simply don’t even try. These are missed opportunities to provide guests with something they want to pay for. The ordering interface is like a server’s assistant that gives guests the freedom and control to get what they need, right when they need it.

It makes you more money

How do you take advantage of all the downtime in the dining experience? If the answer were simple, you would already know it. On one hand, advertisers pay you on behalf of the advanced targeting and engaging multi-touch capabilities of the ordering tables. On the other, you can charge an optional fee for guests to pay-to-play games

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