The tables have turned.

It’s no longer a question of if customers demand full autonomy in hospitality.

a bad ass gif, pic, or full takeover background video…

It’s a question, of how?

guests control

so your staff don’t lose control.

guests freedom

to set your staff free.

guests a voice

so your staff don't lose theirs.

guests fun

so your staff enjoy coming to work.

Give guests what they want, when they want it,

so your staff always win.

Give guests a cleaner dining environment

so your staff stay safe.

6 quick facts

The self ordering solution for your restaurant success in the post-pandemic environment.

1. It’s simple, flexible & beautiful

It runs on a range of multi-touch hardware. The user interface simply adapts to any size, and supports up to 4K resolution with infinite touch points, so your guests can browse your menu with mouth-watering pictures and simply place orders from any angle the moment they walk through your door.
1 %
Faster table turns
Learning curve

2. Cashless, clean & created for social distancing

  • With digital self ordering tables, both your guests and staff no longer have to worry about catching the coronavirus from cash handling, person-to-person contact or touching germ ridden menus.
  • Healthcare grade disinfectant and sanitizer are always available right at the table to kill 99.999% of harmful bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains.
  • Guests no longer have to leave their health up to the cleaning crew at your business, giving them more control and a greater feeling of safety. Guests pay by credit or debit card on the table.
1 %
0 %

3. Make your guests happier

  • Every business knows the key to success is giving customers more of what they want – like being able to personalize an order just how they like it.
  • Products can be auto-suggested according to their pairing compatibility to drive upsells, and organizing and paying the bill is faster and more seamless than any other method in hospitality.
Order accuracy
1 %
More fun

4. Increase staff productivity

Even your best staff get overwhelmed during your peak hours. With the minimum wage and cost of benefits on the rise, our alternative to hiring more employees is a solution that enables your staff to manage 50% more tables, while delivering a far superior guest experience. This means that you’ll save a lot of the server’s time, which can then be reinvested into your guests. Self ordering tables can easily save your business up to $10,000 a month on labor costs, and the hardware can be leased or financed and paid for gradually to avoid bearing a large capital expenditure.


Server to table ratio

5. Digital ordering tables never miss an opportunity

Are your servers always suggesting dessert? Do they always stop by the table at the perfect time to offer a second round of drinks? What about that coffee after the meal? The best servers do most of the time, but there are some that simply don’t even try. These are missed opportunities to provide guests with something they want to pay for. The ordering interface is like a server’s assistant that gives guests the freedom and control to get what they need, right when they need it. Looking at business beyond the current recession, maximizing every opportunity to sell will become a long-term benefit, in addition to earning more revenue from games, advertising and an increase of 20% per order.
Increase average order size
Increase in guest feedback/surveys

6. Make more money

How do you take advantage of all the downtime in the dining experience? On one hand, advertisers pay you on behalf of the advanced targeting and engaging multi-touch capabilities of the ordering tables. On the other, you can charge an optional fee for guests to pay-to-play games. Enlighton helps your restaurant capitalize on downtime and transforms downtime into fun experiences for adults, kids and families at the table – also creating new revenue streams.
You earn when guests unlock games
Your share of all advertising revenue

Have questions?

Have big plans for bouncing back into business stronger than ever? Thinking one (or ten or thirty) digital ordering tables at one or many locations? Just give us a call and we’ll give you a solution to get started.
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