A holistic approach to digital transformation for hospitality

Our unified platform features three modules that make it easy for hospitality venues to install, manage and control the most powerful self-ordering system on the market.

Our approach

Enlighton was created by restaurant owners and technology specialists. They brought together all of their favorite tools and put them into one platform that can be managed from a computer, to power up one or one thousand digital ordering tables and kiosks.

Powerful digital signage, that you can eat on.

Drag and drop digital table application management that any staff member could use.

Import products from inventory, customize appearance; welcome screen, colors, logo, pictures, descriptions, nutritional information, prices, modifiers, food origins

Guests: track how guests interact with the menu, get detailed reports on total number of customers, duration of dining sessions and which products are purchased over any time period
Staff: track overall staff performance to learn where to make adjustments to gain more control over labour costs.

Facilitate simple changes to account for setting up staff sections, table numbers, server names and workstations.

Fundamental ordering modules, plus entertainment modules and the ability to easily add modules that are specific to your venue, like product sampling campaigns, karaoke lyrics player, live games, betting

Built for hospitality

Multi-touch software designed for speed of service, and built to grow your business. Because nobody likes to wait. And you want to sell more.

Our digital table ordering applications run on a range of multi-touch hardware. The user interface adapts to any size, and supports up to 4K resolution with infinite touch points.

As long as you have a compatible POS system, you can make self-ordering more effective and efficient for your business through a POS integration with Enlighton. As a result, orders go through your POS system and are processed as usual.

But a POS integration may not always be the best option for short-term deployments at music festivals or one-time events when you need to get up and running swiftly.

Our staff applications include front of house apps and back of house apps that create a direct connection to staff for specific service requests and allow staff to manage incoming orders.

  • Workstation displays
  • Waiter apps for queue busting and taking orders at the table

Are your servers always suggesting dessert? Do they always stop by the table at the perfect time to offer a second round of drinks? What about that coffee after the meal? Don’t miss opportunities to provide guests with something they want to pay for. The ordering interface is like a server’s assistant that lets guests get what they need, right when they need it.

Traditional ways of collecting feedback take too long and have low opt-in rates. Obtain the truest representation of venue performance. With greater quality and measure of guest feedback, you can understand feedback from your guests and use it to optimize your restaurant’s performance.

The interactive menu and ordering flow make it easy for guests to add-on products, explore them in detail and receive contextually relevant offers while they dine. Products are auto-suggested according to their food pairing compatibility to drive informed decision making, higher guest satisfaction and higher sales.

Real-time control of everything that happens on every table

Exponential ROI potential

Most venues don’t take advantage of all the downtime in the dining experience. Our solution helps brands capitalize on downtime and transforms downtime into fun experiences for adults, kids and families at the table – also creating a new revenue stream.

Your guests may control the menu, but you can own the screen. Our ordering tables serve as an in-venue ordering and messaging platform.

Specifications are provided by Enlighton:

  1. Media inventory and experience is defined and established with commercial partner
  2. Dimensions /aspect ratio of pictures, videos, acceptable file formats get confirmed
  3. Lead time and duration cycle for the experience is set
  4. Duration cycle for the experience
  5. Demo in test environment, and implementation

  • Open content directly, without having to add more to the interface
  • Greet guests individually through personalized content
  • Virtually compare real products side-by-side
  • Make content available only to selected personnel

The menu screen is the first thing guests see and is present throughout the entire dining experience.

  • Data capture
  • Microsites
  • Games
  • Sweepstakes
  • Surveys
  • Scratch cards
  • Puzzles
  • quizzes
  • and more

Versatile payment options for every hospitality use case

Offering flexibility when selecting your payment methods, Enlighton integrates with hospitality and retail market leaders to power up payments through a range versatile solutions.

  • NFC | Contactless | Wearables
  • Fixed table mounts
  • Modular integrations on bezel
  • Explore our self ordering platform solutions

    Enlighton web portal

    Import your products and customize their appearance with details like pictures, descriptions, nutritional information, prices and more.​

    Digital tables

    Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of hospitality. Available in multiple configurations to meet demands of every business.

    Self order menu

    Deliver faster service, save time and optimize your labor costs by letting your customers send orders directly to the kitchen on a tablet at the table or kiosk.

    Staff applications

    FOH & BOH apps that create a direct connection to staff for specific service requests and allow staff to manage incoming orders.

    designed with users in mind

    It equips your staff with the tools that make it effortless to exceed guest expectations. Each digital ordering table is a multi-user guest assistant tool that connects guests and internal teams together in real-time to facilitate a range of feedback, requests and alerts, all at the tap of a button. Happy guests leave bigger tips.
    • Prevent kitchen chaos with a timed buffer order delay that increases order accuracy 99%
    • Highlighted modifiers and special guest notes keep the kitchen out of the weeds
    • Preparation time targets hold cooks accountable to increase kitchen performance
    • Hardware leasing and financing options
    • Enterprise SaaS
    • Simple set up configurations, no code required
    • Dedicated installation and maintenance 24/7
    • Advertising revenue share
    • Games revenue share
    • Bespoke custom development
    • Data and analytics built in
    • POS integration
    • Set up staff sections, table numbers, server names and workstations
    • Automated out of stock
    • The web portal provides management the ability to set user permissions for staff to facilitate simple changes to account for menu adjustments and content by day-part: welcome screen, prices, descriptions, product placement

    a future proof infrastructure

    Enlighton integrates naturally into advertising technology to streamline the media planning and purchasing process with machine learning algorithms that do all the heavy lifting, like revenue share, inventory allocation and publisher negotiations. Just open your doors, turn on the table and continue doing what you do best – making people happy.
    As Enlighton consumes data, we are working on an AI powered optimization engine to learn from the analytics data about guest behavior. The engine will become exponentially smarter with every new customer over each dining session. With goal-setting and alerts systems in our apps, Enlighton will keep staff informed and enhance efficiencies. Operational targets will be set as goals for each metric in our web portal, and menu adjustments will be automatically optimized to further influence purchasing behavior.
    Optimal performance of our self-ordering products rely on industry leading hardware and payment innovation. We establish alliances with world leading multi-touch technology and payment ecosystems to provide bespoke configurations and features across the full spectrum of our customers’ needs for today, and tomorrow.

    Have questions?

    Have big plans for bouncing back into business stronger than ever? Thinking one (or ten or thirty) digital ordering tables at one or many locations? Just give us a call and we’ll give you a solution to get started.
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