How will you innovate in the COVID-19 pandemic?

The benefits of self-ordering serve every type of hospitality business, but the features of most self-ordering software on the market are limited to only food and beverage ordering that is able to service just one guest at a time.


The VIP table for a true VIP experience.


Bring together world class multi-touch casino entertainment with an all-in-one food and drink ordering and payment system.


From premium boxes and seating at horse race courses to sport stadiums, Enlighton empowers your staff to ensure the highest level of service.


Luxurious service, re-imagined.

Theme parks

Deliver a superior guest experience that increases staff eciency and enables guests to get back to the action they came for.


We consider today to be the perfect time to take advantage of the technology out there to solve problems better and faster - with a touch of innovation from every angle, for everyone.

Have questions?

Have big plans for bouncing back into business stronger than ever? Thinking one (or ten or thirty) digital ordering tables at one or many locations? Just give us a call and we’ll give you a solution to get started.
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