Fuel the fun with half the labor costs, and 20% more sales.

While there is a lot of buzz around new technologies in rides such as augmented and virtual reality, theme park operators today must view the guest experience as a staged journey – not just a three minute roller coaster ride.

This means that unique experiences should be factored into as many guest touch points as possible.
A GIF here, of our back office in action.

Your new in-park media channel

Digital ordering tables draw in audiences in any environment and present advertisers a new way to stand out in the crowd through product sampling, branded games and trivia. Ultra high definition resolution combined with immersive interactivity creates the most engaging advertising medium that your audience engages with.
  • Add greater value for your commercial partners to optimize experiential product sampling, data capture and more.
  • Perfect for food court operations, guests are able to order items from a variety of vendors.

Deliver a superior guest experience that increases staff efficiency and enables guests to get back to the action they came for.

Simply by introducing interactive self-ordering into your sit down food and beverage points, you are able to do away with one of the biggest pain points that guests face – waiting in line to order and pay for food.
  • With self-ordering tables at your park restaurants and bars, guests are able to order the moment they arrive
  • Park photography module for guests to browse their pictures and purchase them on the digital ordering tables
  • Integrates with wearable/contactless payment systems to expedite speed of service and personalize guest experience
  • Wayfinding modules for guests to explore the park on interactive maps while they eat
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