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Let’s talk about happier guests, higher revenue and increased efficiencies
A GIF here, of our back office in action.
Today, customer experience is the new service and the way how people interact, order and pay has changed remarkably within the last years.

Digital transformation in the hospitality sector demands new concepts and tools that give staff everything they need to be more efficient and to connect with guests in real-time to deliver the best possible service. The result is an experience that becomes more personalised and human for brands, guests and staff.
Our Web Portal demo movie here?

Web portal dashboard 

Simply import your products and take full control over their appearance in our ready to deploy ordering apps.

  • Real-time guest-to-staff notifications increase guest satisfaction and speed of service by ensuring no guest request is missed or any guest is left waiting
  • Faster throughput for higher guest volumes
  • Obtain new data and analytics that have never before been available for operational, staff, inventory and venue level insights.
  • Increased guest feedback up to 80% by enabling guests to simply rate their experience in a tap

The digital ordering table

Enhance your operations with an all-in-one ordering, advertising, loyalty and payment system. Show what you want to show at any time so your guests can browse, order and pay whenever they want.

  • Manage consumer experiences
  • Built-in PIN pad for seamless payments
  • Built-in wireless charging
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