The VIP table for a true VIP experience

In the world of nightlife, atmosphere is everything. But nothing ruins the vibe more than having to plow through crowds for the next round. Whether that’s your staff member or a guest – time is money. And it takes a lot of time and effort for nightlife venues to optimize throughput at peak hours amid swarms of people and deafening music.
A GIF here, of our back office in action.

Save time and cut the back-and-forth by allowing multiple guests to order when the mood strikes.

  • Patrons are more likely to order more spirits when they don’t have to wait to place their order.
  • Improve guest satisfaction and operational efficiency through faster service, cut the possibility of human error and increase profits while improving the entire customer ordering experience.
  • Orders fire to the nearest drink prep station to speed up service so you process more orders in less time.
  • Drive personalization through guest reservation welcome screens and a custom cocktail creator.
  • Servers are instantly notified when guests order or request assistance.
Our Web Portal demo movie here?
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