Bring together world class multi-touch casino entertainment with an all-in-one gaming, food & drink ordering system.

By putting customers in control of their ordering experience with digital ordering tables, they’ll be more likely to dwell in your casino and spend more. When the next bet and refreshments are just a tap away, why would they want to go anywhere else?
A GIF here, of our back office in action.

Web portal dashboard 

Amplify your guest experience, make more money.

  • Multi language menus makes it easy for international guests to navigate
  • Quick order menu layout allows guests to instantly order to their table
  • Allow guests to pay directly on the table to optimize staff efficiency

The digital ordering table

Enhance your operations with an all-in-one ordering, advertising, loyalty and payment system. Show what you want to show at any time so your guests can browse, order and pay whenever they want.

  • Manage consumer experiences
  • Built-in PIN pad for seamless payments
  • Built-in wireless charging
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