The industry leading self ordering platform built around digital ordering tables.
We make hospitality more efficient and help operators achieve their greatest potential.

Changing the way these brands serve their guests

Welcome to hospitality in the age of self-service ​

We’re a different kind of hospitality company, and here's why we do what we do to help your business grow.

Hygiene is mission-critical

We believe in a healthier and safer paradigm for hospitality operations to significantly reduce contagion by minimizing person-to-person contact and providing sanitization.

Traditional marketing is over

Simply by implementing interactive self-ordering tables in your business, you earn advertising revenue which can be then reinvested to grow your business.

Personalization is king & the customer is in control

Use Enlighton web portal to change menu offerings and prices depending on demand, and leverage data for real-time offers and rewards to optimize guest personalization. Reveal nutrition, preparation methods, ingredient.

Innovation drives productivity

How can you increase revenue without raising prices? The best staff do well most of the time, but there are some that simply don’t even try.

High-tech, self-ordering table solutions

Morphing ordering, entertainment, payments and advertising into a simple to implement solution that brings people together around the table for more quality time, greater interactions and faster service.

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade a few seating arrangements, renovate your entire floor plan or transform your bar top into the ultimate self-ordering solution, Enlighton have you covered.

Seamless integration


smartphone-like touch experience

Explore our self ordering solutions

Web Portal

Enables you to manage and customize every aspect of the ordering platform in real-time, right on your computer.

Loyalty engine

Advertising campaign builder

Analytics and reporting

Flash deals

Up-sell engine

Employee management

Digital tables for self ordering

Gives your guests full autonomy over the ordering, dining and payment steps of service so they can get what they need, right when they need it.

Increase staff productivity

Earn more money

Server assistant

Pay at table

Gather more feedback

Eliminate order errors

Self order menu for tablets & kiosks

Deliver faster service, save time and optimize your labor costs by letting your customers send orders directly to the kitchen through a tablet at the table or kiosk.

Why digital self-ordering tables?

Today, customer experience is the new service and the way how people interact, order and pay just changed remarkably more than ever before. We make it easy for hospitality venues to install, manage and control the most powerful self-ordering system on the market today.

Increase sales

It’s proven that venues that integrate self-ordering can drive up to 20% more sales. Who doesn’t want to sell more?

Optimize labor and save money

Even your best staff get overwhelmed during your peak hours. With staff layoffs, minimum wage, and cost of benefits on the rise, our alternative to hiring more employees is a solution that enables your staff to manage 50% more tables.

Increase staff productivity

By empowering your guests to pay on their own, your servers save time that can be reinvested into enhancing the guest experience.

Brand new revenue streams

Advertisers pay you on behalf of the advanced targeting and engaging multi-touch capabilities of the ordering tables. On the other, you can charge an optional fee for guests to pay-to-play games.

Improve order accuracy and inventory management

Order errors drop to almost zero when guests self-order, eliminating the costly order redo by giving your guests more control and freedom as they dine. With analytics, you gain valuable business insights to optimize inventory planning.

Higher quality guest feedback

Digital self ordering tables make it easier and faster than ever to gather customer sentiment – on the spot in just a few taps. Guests are 50% more likely to leave feedback and now you’ll capture insights from everyone at the table. What do you want to know about your business?

Effective dining solutions
for a fast paced hospitality world

Enlighton is a “Software as a service” (SaaS) product with proven methods to ensure the successful delivery of software and hardware installation, maintenance services and furniture builds, whether bought or developed in-house.

For the entire hospitality industry


Did you know 66 percent of consumers choose self-service and self-checkout over interacting with service staff?


The VIP table for a true VIP experience.


Bring together world class multi-touch casino entertainment with an all-in-one food and drink ordering and payment system.


From premium boxes and seating at horse race courses to sport stadiums, Enlighton empowers your staff to ensure the highest level of service.


Luxurious service, re-imagined.

Theme parks

Deliver a superior guest experience that increases staff eciency and enables guests to get back to the action they came for.


We consider today to be the perfect time to take advantage of the technology out there to solve problems better and faster - with a touch of innovation from every angle, for everyone.

Have questions?

Have big plans for bouncing back into business stronger than ever? Thinking one (or ten or thirty) digital ordering tables at one or many locations? Just give us a call and we’ll give you a solution to get started.

the highest quality lens in the world

Thanks to a superior sensors, your photos will instantly look better. Our unique technology lets you capture nature as it really looks like.

Self-ordering tables for restaurants

Automating order & pay delivers pleasant experiences that keep guests coming back, with an average 20% increase in order size.

Self-ordering tables for advertisers

Capture attention with immersive interactivity through the most engaging advertising medium in hospitality.

Designed for speed of service.
Optimized for higher-order values.
Because nobody likes to wait.
And you want to sell more.

Today, customer experience is the new service and the way how people interact, order and pay has changed remarkably within the last years.

Digital transformation in the hospitality sector demands new concepts and tools that give staff everything they need to be more efficient and to connect with guests in real-time to deliver the best possible service. The result is an experience that becomes more personalized and human for brands, guests and servers.

Our clients usually embrace the digital transformation to optimize labor, maximize throughput, increase order accuracy and generate extra revenue through effective upselling and advertising.
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