User guide

The Work Station Display app (wsd) is a hardware-agnostic web application that communicates with the ordering interface to enable information to flow between your guests and staff. It allows your venue to use the Enlighton platform during the interim period when a Point of Sale integration is being completed.

Whether you use the wsd or not, the guest experience will not be affected.

Who uses the wsd? 
  • bartenders
  • cooks and chefs
  • food runners
What information is sent to the wsd?
  • Product information 
    • Item name and quantity – for staff to learn which product(s) to deliver to the guest
    • Time of the order
  • Location information 
    • Table number – so that staff see which table the guest is sitting
    • Chair number – so that staff see precisely where the guest is sitting
  • Service request information 
    • A notification for staff to learn which table is requesting assistance
  • Payment information
    • A notification that displays the total order value for each payment request – so that staff see the dollar value to process the sale and know which table the customer is located

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