The Work Station Display (wsd) is used primarily for order management and organization.

The interface is designed with rectangular cards that represent a single order.

Each card on the screen is a unique product order and the cards are organized in order of recency from left to right.


At the start of each shift, the screen will be black. Each card appears from RIGHT to LEFT according to the TIME it was ordered so that your staff knows which orders were received first and last at all times.

What are the tabs on the top right?

How do you interact with the wsd at the bar?
  • The Workstation Display is designed for multiple staff members to use at once. Each staff member should tap the order that they will prepare and serve.
  • The wsd is designed for multiple staff members to use at once on one device or simultaneously on multiple devices.

Tap a card to tend to the order. An orange outline will appear to signify that the order is in progress.

Tap the card when the order has been completed. The card turns grey will be removed from the queue. The order will appear in the history tab.

There is a 3 dot menu on the top right of each card to generate the total order value or edit the order.




  • In the case of accidental order entry, select remove items and then delete the item that you want to remove from the order. This is important to understand because guests will place orders by accident, and place orders and then change their mind. 



The item can be added back to your inventory or marked as a loss. 

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