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Welcome to the age of self-service. It’s no longer a question of if customers demand full autonomy in hospitality. It’s a question of how and who.
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Customers would visit a restaurant more often if self-order technology was available.
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Self-ordering increases average transaction value by 20-30%.
Customers want to place orders by themselves.

Our reason to be

We are a hospitality software company shaping the future of self-ordering solutions with a focus on immersive multi-user guest experiences across the entire hospitality landscape including casual dining, night clubs, theme parks, stadiums, pubs and more.

Our technology helps operators redefine their guest experience, win more customers, and improve operations to drive higher revenues.

We bring the efficiencies and intelligence of the digital world to physical hospitality locations.


Enlighton is working with its partners to provide bespoke configurations and features across the full spectrum of customers needs.

Jordan Youtz


Cristian Hurhui

Founder & CPO

Vlad Nastasiu


Frequently asked questions

The Enlighton back office allows managers to import products from the point of sale (inventory) and customize their appearance with details like pictures, descriptions, nutritional information, prices and more. Our visual editor includes a library of pre-built components for menu items, checkout processes, entertainment and advertising that can be combined or used individually to create a unique look and feel. 

The content management system provides management the ability to facilitate simple changes to account for setting up staff sections, table numbers, server names and workstations where food and beverages are prepared. Our customer success team is able to help configure specific back office functionality for your unique operational structure, whether it’s a single location of a multi-unit.

The Enlighton license is billed per each interactive table that runs our multi-touch self-ordering software. The license includes our self-service tablet ordering application, staff applications and access to the back-office.

Point of sale integration is not mandatory. We provide a complete ecosystem of hardware agnostic applications for the successful deployment of our self-ordering solutions into venues of any size. Our staff applications include front of house apps for staff to manage incoming orders and back of house apps for cooks to manage incoming orders in kitchen.

As a result of the various point of sale systems used in the industry, we developed our holistic approach to enable our partners to get up and running in as little as one day, no matter which point of sale is being used. While point of sale integration can be done before hand, the Enlighton platform is just as efficient as a stand alone system. 

Enlighton proprietary advertising algorithms allow brands to engage and connect with your guests at every step of the dining journey through dynamic branded experiences that increase sales and establish a brand new revenue channel for your business from day one. Media inventory is divided into four types of advertising, and each type facilitates an experience which is triggered by an event. 

The four types are; triggers based on menu and interface interactions, coupons and offers, upsell and branding of trivia and games. Multiple advertising modules from the same venue chain can be grouped and controlled by one person (marketing manager, brand manager, in-house marketer. From content creation, scheduling and monetization, Enlighton work with 3rd party advertising networks to satisfy inventory requests and our media specialists are available to assist our partners in an ongoing basis. 

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